Terms & Conditions

Candelaria Tours is a legally established Company in Bolivia, commerce registration Nº 19890 and NIT 1020818017, located at J.J. Perez 301, Sucre Bolivia.

Our terms and conditions set what you are legally entitled to expect from us when booking a holiday and do not apply to any other course of dealings.

You should read them carefully in order to be completely informed about how your trip may be affected.


Our Company will accept reservations, changes, cancelations and others only from one responsible person per booking unless stated otherwise by the booking company.

This person should be in his/her full legal and mental capacity and be older than 18 years old.

The responsibility on the information provided when booking one of our tours, is this persons responsibility, who must also inform all people travelling about the full details of the bookings.

When booking a tour, we must have all the accurate information regarding each passenger, this means personal information, any health, diet or other restrictions, special needs or others that we should take into consideration when booking. This will allow us also to provide better services.

When booking plane tickets, we must have a copy of the passport of each traveler. Prices for domestic flights are quoted in a range of the minimum and maximum price. This price will be confirmed at the time of issuance which will be 24 hours after the proof of payment has been sent.

Confirmations are subject to availability and prices may suffer changes

It is a condition of your booking with us that you and all other members of your party including infants and children, are adequately insured on holiday, with insurance from your home country. Any person under 18 must be accompanied by an adult on his or her journey.

Specific and special conditions may apply to each tour. Those are detailed on the individual itinerary.

Once the reservation request is received, we will process it; this may take a few days.

As soon as confirmation is received, we will issue a confirmation invoice and we will email this confirmation to you.

Before we issue the confirmation invoice, all changes will be re programmed and re quoted for your approval.

We request you revise your confirmation invoice and details specified on the confirmed itinerary so that in case there are any, we can correct mistakes.

We reserve the right to correct mistakes up to 24 hours before the beginning of the tour.

If any of these corrections is not acceptable you may ask for a refund for that part of the tour

In some portions of our tours we may subcontract a local operator; this will not affect in any way the quality of our services. The terms and conditions for these portions only apply between you and us (Candelaria Tours), as it was your choice to book your holiday directly with us.

At present all international airport taxes are included in the airfare, however some domestic airports do not include this tax and they must be paid directly by the person travelling, unless requested to us in advance, to include it as part of your reservation. This domestic airport tax does not exceed USD.5 per person per flight.

Airfares could be modified by the airlines, therefore rates are not guaranteed until the first payment has been made.

2. - RATES

All of our rates are expressed in U.S. dollars per person, and are guaranteed for the specified periods, however we reserve the right to adjust and modify them periodically.

Our rates are calculated and include the cost of fuel; those costs have been estimated at the date of publication of our rates. We reserve the right to add a supplement for any increase on these costs that affect the already published rates.

When booking a specific tour or package, we will first confirm the rate before confirming the reservation.

We reserve the right to adjust the rate of your trip up to 30 days before the tour starts only because of increases in the cost of transportation, fuel, airport taxes or fees, airline charges, variations on the exchange rate and government actions.

In case this charge is not accepted by the client, we will offer an alternative tour at the price quoted originally considering also the requirements and wishes of our customer.

If this option is not accepted, the tour may be cancelled up to 14 days before it starts and we will refund prepayments discounting only non-refundable charges.

All our rates are net, unless previously specified.

In case of payments with credit card, if our client instructs the credit card company to revert or “charge back” payments made for requested bookings with us, we will charge to your account an administrative fee of USD.15 per incident plus associated costs.

We reserve the right to cancel completely all services without any compensation and/or take legal action against you for all outstanding payments.

Our rates include:

• Private touristic transportation

• Official bilingual guides on tours

• Entrance fees on sightseeing tours

• Accommodation/meals as listed in the day-by-day itinerary

• Free services and accommodations for a tour leader in groups of 15 pax or more

• Our team making sure day by day that you get the best service

Our rates do not include:

• Flights (unless specified in the itinerary)

• Domestic and international airport taxes (not included in the cost of the flight or not requested at the time of booking)

• Meals not mentioned in itinerary.

• Personal expenses of any kind (laundry, beverages, communications, etc.)

• Excess luggage charges


Special rates for children and triple room discounts are available upon request.


We aim to provide services as they were booked. However there are special conditions that may force us to make changes or cancel our services.

Candelaria Tours will make its best effort to maintain the quality of services in the event of any changes.

If this is the situation, we will inform as soon as possible and offer alternatives, however if they are not accepted we will reimburse all paid monies and pay a compensation based on our compensation chart (see below).

Compensations do not apply in situations totally out of our control such as: weather conditions, social disturbances, wars, revolutions blockades, epidemics, transportation problems and other situations that may imply risk to the safety of our customers and suppliers.

All charges resulting from changes in ‘out of our control’ situations will be covered by the client.

Flight schedules are mainly indicative; they may change depending on individual and internal airline policies. These changes will not be compensated in any way by Candelaria Tours as they are completely out of our control.

Compensation applies only to passengers paying full rate.



56 days or more


55-29 days


28-15 days


14-8 days


7-0 days


In case of changes made directly by the client, by his or her own choice, those will be made as long as there is availability and they are feasible.

All charges applied in this case will be the ones that are a result of the changes themselves.

In case the client is unable to travel, the package or tour may be transferred to a third party covering all the charges that may be generated.


Your comments are very important to us; therefore we appreciate all feedback once your vacation is finished.

In the case of complaints, we have the resources and ability to resolve them immediately, as long as we are informed at the time the incidents or events happen. We have a permanent contact line provided to you with every booking.

In the event of services not covering your expectations, we must be notified immediately via email/ telephone or other available resource. We will assist you immediately. If after our intervention you are still not satisfied, you must present a complaint up to 30 days after the end of your tour, so that we can make all proper investigations.

If you do not allow us the opportunity to solve the problem immediately, it is likely that we may not be able to give a positive response to later complaints once our trip is over.

In case we cannot agree, the matter should be solved by the Center of Conciliation and Arbitration according to Bolivian laws.


If you suffer injury, directly as a result of the services provided as part of your holiday we may make a payment to you.

We will not pay any compensation in case this injury was caused by an event or circumstances that could have not been avoided even with the pertinent precaution measurements or when the injury is the affected person’s fault.

In case there is compensation, it will be determined by the proper Bolivian law offices.

In cases when we have no responsibility for personal injury or other damages our customers may suffer, we offer our cooperation, as long as it is requested up to 1 month after the event.


When making a booking, we will request an initial payment, unless the reservation is made less than 1 month before the tour begins, in which case total payment must be made.

Once services are confirmed, pre payments are not refundable unless changed o cancelled by us. We will not issue any air tickets or confirm services without an initial or total payment as it corresponds.

Once the tour begins, we do not refund tours voluntarily not taken.

Total payment must be made one month before the tour starts.

Payments must be made to Candelaria Tours in US. Dollars. We receive payments in Bolivianos or Euros at the official exchange rate.

Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are also accepted with a 3,5% administrative charge over the amount paid.

Bank transfers are also accepted. However all bank charges that result of the transaction must be covered by the client.


In case of cancellations for anticipated reservations, charges are as follows:



56 days or more

Total loss of initial deposit

55-36 days


35-22 days


21-11 days


10-0 days


Last minute reservations (less than 60 days prior to travel date) must be fully paid 48 hours after the reservation was confirmed and the invoice was sent. They are non-refundable.

Airplane tickets are often non-refundable. In such a case, a 100% charge of the total fare will be charged, independently of the charges mentioned in the chart above.

The same happens for salt hotels, some other hotels and non-refundable services that will be informed to you at the moment of booking.

We suggest you verify your insurance coverage in case of cancellations.


We will transport with no charge up to 2 pieces per person, with a weight of 20 Kg. each on ground tours. Each airline has its own luggage regulations; the usual allowance for domestic flights is 1 bag of 20 Kg. per person.

Passengers are responsible for the entire luggage they carry and our company does not respond for their damage or loss.

We suggest you revise your insurance coverage for luggage.


We reserve the right to accept or refuse a customer when their behavior is offensive, inappropriate for the country visited or when it disrupts other clients and/or our staff.

When a client is refused, the reservation will be treated as cancelled by own will and all charges will apply as mentioned before (7.- CANCELLATIONS) and the passenger will be responsible for his or her own arrangements to return to his or her home country.

Transporting or using controlled substances or drugs is penalized by Bolivian laws. Any legal action that happens as a result of breaking any Bolivian laws will be of the passenger’s full responsibility.

Any behavior that breaks Bolivian laws will cause the passenger to be refused without the right to make any complaints and without any compensation.


Passengers must have their valid Passport and Visa and are responsible at all times for their personal belongings.

* Please refer to the official site of the Bolivian government to get information on the specific requirements of Visa and others to travel to Bolivia: http://www.rree.gob.bo/formvisas/ .

All passengers must have with them the valid identification document (passport or ID card depending on the country) and all the required Visas.

If required, each passenger must also have all the Vaccinations required depending on the travel itinerary.

If the passenger does not fulfill any of these legal requirements, there will be no refund for any lost or not taken services and all extra charges generated will be covered by the client, including the possible denial of entry to the country.

It is recommended to have a vaccination against Yellow Fever. This is a requirement if travelling to the tropical region of the country but it could be requested upon entry to the country.


At the moment of booking our services, there is full agreement with our terms and conditions as detailed above.

No contract or signed document will be required in addition for this purpose.