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Uyuni was founded mainly as a train station and dry port to connect Bolivia with the neighbor countries of Chile and Argentina.

Maps locate Uyuni mainly as a gateway to one of the most interesting and amazing areas in the country and in the world: Salar de Uyuni and the Eduardo Avaroa National Park.

Salar de Uyuni, originally named Salar de Thunupa, is 10,582 Km² and it is the largest Salt Flat in the World.

It  lays  at  a  height  of  3660 meters  above  sea  level  and the average temperature is between  –25°C  at  night  and

20°C during the day.

Its formation, same as the rest of the Salt Plains in the area is due to the high levels of evaporation in the Southern plateau.

Eduardo Avaroa National Park is full of surreal landscapes: areas in the plateau, fumaroles, salt plains and others that make a trip through this area an unforgettable adventure.

These landscapes are completed by the local fauna: vicuñas in the desert and the highlands, 3 varieties of South American Flamingoes in the lagoons and other varieties of mammals and birds.

Laguna Colorada, the main nesting place for flamingoes and, at the feet of Llicancahur Volcano,  Laguna  Verde  with its    incredible turquoise color, are certainly outstanding and called the Jewels of the High plateau for a reason.


El aeropuerto de Uyuni cuenta con por lo menos dos vuelos diarios hacia La Paz desde donde conecta al resto del país

Uyuni tiene una estación de buses que conecta con frecuencias diarias a las ciudades de Potosí, Sucre, Oruro y La Paz.

Se mantiene la estación de trenes que conecta Uyuni con Oruro y las ciudades fronterizas de Villazon (Argentina) y Ollague (Chile)


There are about 19.500 inhabitants in Uyuni town.


The height of the city of Uyuni is 3620 meters over sea level.


Cold, with an annual average temperature of 3° C.

It rains mostly in the months of December - March.


There are a few restaurants that feature some International dishes and pizzas.

Regional cuisine is based on Llama meat and Quinoa, the traditional grain of the Andes.


There are some Hostels and Hotels in the city of Uyuni.

The curious Salt Hotels on the border of the Uyuni Sal Flats are considered amongst the most exotic in the world.

There are some small boarding houses in the Salar area and in the Eduardo Avaroa National Park. New hotels are starting to work in all this area.


Diverse handcrafts and salt statues are available.

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